Saint Laurent Launches Vintage Inspired Denim 2021 Collection

Calling all old-school rockers and vintage fanatics.

Saint Laurent has launched their Denim 2021 campaign. Featuring big names, including Romeo Beckham, Hailey Bieber, Sonny Hall, Megan Miles and Anok Yai. 

Set to the soundtrack of Arsun’s “Southern Winds,” this black and white scene preserves¬†the old-school rock and roll vibes that the brand draws on for their denim collections.

Stone-washed and distressed, these pieces are vintage-inspired and edgy masterpieces.

Images courtesy of Saint Laurent.

Clearly reminiscent of the ’70s rock scene, this collection evokes the nostalgia of decades gone by, while still adding fresh and modern finishes.

Images courtesy of Saint Laurent.

Also featuring a tweed blazer-jacket, this single-breasted wool blazer is luxurious and collegiate. Defining the collection as a vintage dream – not only for the rockstars.

Image courtesy of Saint Laurent.

Sexy and chic monogrammed, rhinestone bras and panties also feature in this collection. Sexy and chic made of ever soft – and sheer – tulle jersey.

Image courtesy of saint Laurent.

Watch the video by artistic director Anthony Vaccarello, directed by Gray Sorrenti and featuring Romeo Beckham, here:

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