There’s something cinematic about Anthony Vaccarello’s Saint Laurent. Behind panels of leather and lace, a certain mystery and depth arise from each look he sends down the runway, leaving many in a state of suspense between seasons, longing for more. Now, he’s satisfying that craving for more with Saint Laurent Productions: a film production subsidiary of the Parisian fashion house. As the first luxury brand to add the full-fledged production of films to its roster, Saint Laurent sets its sight on perhaps one of the most influential film festivals of the year.

The official selection Strange Way of Life launches Saint Laurent’s cinematic repertoire at the 76th Cannes Festival. A Western, written by Pedro Almodóvar, spotlights Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal as the film’s starring roles. However, this isn’t your typical Western; it’s a queer Western that captures their relationship from an angle unseen in the genre. “I want to work with and provide a space for all the great film talents who have inspired me over the years,” said the Saint Laurent Creative Director.


A multi-hyphenate cinephile with a reputation for sartorial splendor, Vaccarello isn’t stopping with just one film. Strange Way of Life is just one of three films to debut under the legacy of the Saint Laurent label. Costumes, too, will bear the iconic household name as Vaccarello dishes out some dramatic fits to add a layer of decadent gloss to the pictures.

“These directors never fail to open my mind and, in a way, the singular, radical vision they bring to cinema has made me the person I am today,” says Vaccarello.

Both the fashion and film worlds will have their eyes set on the house’s cinematic debut, where Vaccarello’s chops will be tested on May 16th-27th, 2023, in Cannes.

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