Saint Laurent Rive Droite Hosts New Art Exhibition

Belgian artist Bruno V. Roels takes over select Rive Droite stores. 

Palm trees sway in the summer breeze on the shores of Miami’s beaches. They tower above the white sand. Their sharp deep green fronds hold history and the secrets whispered underneath them. For Bruno V. Roels, palm trees serve as inspiration for his photography, and serve as the primary subject for his image at Saint Laurent Rive Droite’s newest exhibition.

Starting April 8, the Belgian artist is taking over Saint Laurent Rive Droite stores in Paris and Los Angeles. Anthony Vaccarello, the creative director of Saint Laurent, chose 8 of Roel’s pieces to put on display in Paris, and 15 to display in Los Angeles. 

To Roel, the act of printing a photograph is just as important as taking the picture itself. As he documents his life, Roel captures a lot of palm trees. He feels that they career multiple meanings, and have various historical and cultural connotations to them. For the collaboration, Vaccarello looks to the palm trees as the guideline for the collection. Vaccarello transforms Roel’s photographs into prints, and places them on men’s products. Plaid, beach towels, plates, wood coasters, sneakers, and silk scarves are a few of the Roel’s collection that will be available for purchase in store and on the Saint Laurent website. 

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