Saks Potts Gets Practical For FW22

Danish favorite Saks Potts continues to rebuild the image of the polished woman through workwear and vivid colors.

Synonymous with their in-demand shearling-trimmed leather coats, Barbara Potts and Catherine Saks established that they were the providers of fun, playful womenswear. For this season of Copenhagen Fashion Week, they continued the evolution from FW21’s sensual, functional, and polished template, gracing the fall collection with a tune of workwear. Staged in the Royal Danish Opera House, Erin Wasson opened a collection that focused on polished casual: light, sheer tunics tucked into leather and suede trousers, fur-lined coats, and detachable pouches. Functionality leads the intuition and innovation for Saks Potts this season. With the inclusion of Danish pop star Jada in black statement boots and a rose-decorated choker, it does not seem to be a stretch to believe that the woman Saks and Potts imagines to dress is a woman that is not afraid to do it all; she can be sensual, whimsical, and vibrant all at once.


See the full collection below: 

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