Salem Mitchell x Wildflower Cases is a Full Circle Moment

Salem Mitchell x Wildflower Cases is a Full Circle Moment

Salem Mitchell x Wildflower Cases is a Full Circle Moment

Meet the iPhone case you'll never want to take off and the model who designed it.

Meet the iPhone case you'll never want to take off and the model who designed it.

Photography: Lauren Leekley

Text: Juliana Bakumenko

Model and trailblazer Salem Mitchell is the latest influencer to collaborate with everyone’s favorite phone case company, Wildflower cases. Founded by Michelle Carlson and her two daughters, social media moguls Sydney Lynn and Devon Lee, Wildflower has become a favorite amongst pop culture icons like Dua Lipa, Charli D’Amelio, and Saweetie. The brand has previously released cases in collaboration with influencers including Jesse Jo Stark and Antonio Garza, so Salem is certainly in good company.

The model first rose to prominence on social media after standing strong in response to cyberbullies, gaining support from the wider online community. Salem now has thousands of followers and supporters and has worked on campaigns for major fashion and beauty brands including Gucci and Savage x Fenty.

Consistently using her platform to call for social change and speak out on injustice and a lack of diversity across industries, Salem has become a force to reckon with in fashion and beauty today. V spoke with the young creative about her work with Wildflower and her complex relationship with social media.

V: What has this year been like for you? For someone with such a prominent social media presence, what’s the role that social platforms have played for you during lockdown? 

Salem Mitchell: This year has been quite the rollercoaster. It’s been heavy and transformative to say the least. Social media has helped me stay connected and it’s become way more prominent in the fashion industry with the influx of digital work and virtual shows/presentations.

All of that aside, I think what’s most important is how much we’ve been able to learn, share, and teach one another through social media. This year we saw a lot of injustice against black and transgender communities and one of the most important elections of my lifetime took place. Social media has really helped us call attention to these situations, push for change, and demand support where it’s needed.

V: You’ve also been open about the negativity and cyberbullying you’ve had to deal with on social media, how does it feel to now be launching your own iPhone case and reclaiming this symbol for social media? 

Salem: Releasing a collaboration with Wildflower is a full circle moment for me in more ways than one. Not only have I been a huge fan of WF and the founders but I’ve always wanted those who support me to have something we can all share with one another and this will be that first product.

V: You’ve long championed the importance of diversity and representation in the fashion and modeling industries, how do you think social media plays a role, whether that be positive or negative, in this call for change?  

Salem: In regards to diversity and representation social media can be a bit of a double-edged sword. While it’s given a platform and visibility to those who may not have had it prior, visibility isn’t the only issue when it comes to inclusion. We’re only scratching the surface. Social media allows brands and people to be performative. It’s not just about who’s on the cover or in the campaign it’s about the entire team, company, and industry. When POC use their platforms to push for diversity they’re also talking about hair stylists that can work with all hair types, photographers that can photograph darker skin, casting directors that represent them as well. I think we’re on the right track but we have a long road ahead.

V: Is there a message that you wanted to express with this iPhone case design? How does it make you feel to see it every time you use your phone, and how do you hope the people who buy it feel when they look at it?

Salem: Not as much of a message but an energy. I really just wanted to have fun with this design and put out a case I would want to use all the time if I was the consumer. The design was inspired by things I really love: hearts, fun patterns, abstract prints. I’m hoping this case gives off whimsical, playful, warm energy and is a physical reflection of my personality for those who haven’t spent physical time with me.

Available in all iPhone sizes, the price ranges from $35 to $37, and you can find Salem’s über cute case exclusively on, and get to know the warm and whimsical force of change on Instagram and Twitter.

Credits: Images Courtesy of Wildflower Cases


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