Salud to the Latinx Creators of TikTok

TikTok celebrates Latinx creators with it’s second ever Visionary Voices event.

Sofia Hernandez, Jorge Alvarez, Julissa Prado, Kenneth Pabon

To celebrate Latinx Heritage month TikTok gathered Latinx creatives, entrepreneurs and influencers for its second-ever Visionary Voices event in NYC’s stylish Chelsea neighborhood . The evening was intended to celebrate la Xente of TikTok and all the Latinx that make social media work for them, promoting small business and sharing culture through fashion, recipes and music. The social media company brought together creators who may have been familiar with each other’s videos but last night got to mingle in person.

Julissa Prado

This year’s Visionary Voices was catered by local Latinx-owned and operated businesses including mocktails from Anima Mundi, arepas from Vayalo Cocina, empanadas from Love, Nelly. Guests received a special live performance from Brazilian singer/guitarist Mu Bispo and took home gift bags that featured products from Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez. Topping off the evening TikTok’s own Sofia Hernandez moderated an engaging discussion on Latinx community, creativity and the forces that drive Latinx culture onward and into the digital age. The discussion featured TikTokers including Julissa Prado, Founder of Rizos Curls, TikTok Latinx Creatives Grant recipient Jorge Alvarez and creator Kenneth Pabon

Mu Bispo

Social Media has encouraged Latinos to unite over common interests, stories and values, TikTok’s Visionary Voices was a party full of fun, music and food that Latinx creators won’t forget anytime soon as we begin to celebrate Latinx Heritage month on the app. 


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