Salvatore Ferragamo’s Pre-Fall 2021 Collection is ‘Future-Proof’

The future is versatile.

Is fashion finally catching on to the idea that sustainability is key? A quick look at Salvatore Ferragamo’s elegant new Pre-Fall 2021 collection sure seems to say so. The collection, which will be available next year, is 50 percent smaller than any of its previous collections; a bold and much appreciated move for a luxury fashion powerhouse.

Even the ethos and the theme behind this collection is a breath of fresh air. Creative director Paul Andrew says he wanted this collection to be ‘future-proof’, as he believes, like many of the industry’s critics, that the traditional fashion cycle has become obsolete. Which is to say that while there will be circumstantial changes and variations, the basic integral elements of style will remain the same. “For Pre-Fall 2021 we drew from that past, considered our very particular present, and used these inspirations to propose a collection that is future-proof.” said Paul. The launch hopes to be both eternal and timeless, while also addressing and catering to the unique circumstances that humanity is facing currently, and the collection certainly delivers on that front.

Rejection of the traditional fashion cycle in favor of something more immortal isn’t the only move towards sustainability that the brand made with this launch. The collection uses a lot of recycled and upcycled materials, from wools to leathers, the latter of which features heavily throughout the collection in various forms. As always, the collection comes complete with footwear and bags for both men and women. Articles like ocean blue leather maxi dresses, sparrow grey leather hoodies and cornflower blue lug soled leather boots all signify the classic Ferragamo look, and hint at the superior quality and years of artisanship that one associates with the brand.

The collection emphasises versatility and a more fluid interpretation of modernity, as Paul Andrew points out that we have been living in the Age of Modernity for over a century. This is why the collection houses more traditional silhouettes like shirtdresses and maxi dresses, as well as frames that are more modern and boxier, as in the case of their jackets and blazers. There is truly something for everyone within this launch, whether your preferences tend to be retro or modern.

The collection is available to shop now on the Salvatore Ferragamo website.

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