Sam Smith Releases an Impactful Rendition of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love”

The empowered singer embraces his queer identity and pays respect to disco’s late icon.

Sam Smith just released a powerful and collaborative rendition of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” with longtime friend Guy Lawrence, and it’s a stunning display of their expansive vocal range. After coming out as non-binary and embracing a newfound confidence in their individualism, Sam Smith accredits Summer’s nightclub anthem to much of their positive experiences and strong support systems in queer spaces.

“As a queer person ‘I feel love’ has followed me to every dance floor in every queer space from the minute I started clubbing,” Smith wrote in an Instagram post. “This song to me is an anthem of our community and it was an honour and most importantly so much fun to have a go at it. Highest song I’ve ever fucking sang. But a joy.”

In recording their own version of the dance-inducing song that correlates directly with the battles they faced in finding solace and acceptance in their identity, the tenacious singer takes ownership over their mental turmoil and celebrates their journey of self-empowerment. Setting a fiercely admirable example for those who might not yet share the same sense of inner-strength, Smith is making major strides in positive representation for the queer community.

Listen to Sam Smith’s impactful rendition of Donna Summer’s classic “I Feel Love” below.

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