Beginning September 1st, Sandro is set to release their latest capsule collection with Wrangler. The cowboy chic line includes 10 pieces of western-inspired garments for both men and women. 

Courtesy of Sandro

As an ode to the heritage that has formed around the Wrangler brand, the new line is reminiscent of the old Western motifs, a nostalgic perspective of the old frontier. The collection includes three jacket trouser sets including flat rivets, flap seams, W-shaped pocket topstitching, Wrangler branded leather labels, and a fifth trouser pocketeach thoughtfully reflecting the partnership between the two brands and reflecting the trademark craftsmanship of the Wrangler label. These sets come in a rich brown wool polyester fabric and two different hues of denim. The rustic feel filters into the other pieces of the collection that includes two sweatshirts and two cotton t-shirtsboth available in black and beige with the signature rainbow label that round out the line. This collection reflects the core parts of the Wrangler brand, with a douse of Sandro’s modern take and French vision. 

Sandro’s celebration of Wrangler’s legacy and design takes shape in several ways throughout this collection. The dedication to sustainability is an aspect near and dear to the hearts of each label, with an emphasis on a low-impact process with great effort made in producing clean and green garments. Whether it be using 50% recycled polyester, monitoring and limiting water usage, and the environmental impact of denim washing and finishing. In addition to this, all cotton products are sourced organically without chemical intervention, remaining true to its mission of sustainably producing an impressive collection of designs and serving as a testament to both brands’ commitment to a greener and more ethically conscious production.

This collection attempts to circumvent natural conventions of fashion, making each piece accessible to each gender, and wearable in any setting, allowing the individual to put their own individual spin on the complete looks.

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