New song sets the stage for her debut album coming this Fall.

LA-based singer and songwriter, Sasha Sloan released her new single, “Lie.” Written by Sasha along with King Henry and Emi Dragoi and produced by King Henry, “Lie” unpacks the denial and fallout of a failed relationship. The new single sets the stage for Sasha’s debut album, Only Child coming this Fall.

Born Alexandra Artourovna Yatchenko, the singer-songwriter moved to Los Angeles from Boston at the age of nineteen to pursue her love for music. The 25-year old has since released three EPs and has been featured on a number of songs by artists like Kygo, ODESZA and Kaskade. 

On her first studio album, Only Child, Sasha finally steps into her own as a gifted lyricist. “This album is a very mature version of me,” Sasha says. “It’s the most honest I’ve been. And there’s even a twinge of hope in there, which is new for me!” The album, which Sasha has been working on since last year and finished in quarantine, is equal parts arresting and affecting. It’s bold, confessional, funny and real. It builds off the beautiful foundation Sasha set forth with her trio of prior EP’s.

For now listen to her new single, “Lie” here and stay tuned for the visuals coming next week.

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