Saucony Originals Revives The Classic 3D Grid Hurricane

The classic 90s shoe makes a triumphant comeback

If there’s one thing we love about streetwear, it’s how old styles can make a resurgence again and again. With 90s fashion making a comeback, it’s no surprise that athletic brand Saucony is reviving the classic 1997 3D Grid Hurricane silhouette. With upgraded technology and two new colorways, Saucony lets us tap into our 90s nostalgia. 

In the 90s, Saucony’s GRID technology was a first choice shoe for runners, as their mesh lining and cushioned midsole made it easy to run for long periods of time while keeping cool. Using updated GRID technology, today’s shoe provides more comfort and support than the original, and now uses full grain leather for a more refined look.

Keeping with its original color story, Saucony has kept up with its heritage and redefined a classic look. Green grid webbing on the cushioned heel contrasts the stark white shoe, with neon yellow detailing along the side and back of the sole. The royal blue shoe has hints of blue squiggly lines around it to give that 90s nostalgic feel. Both are complete with the signature Saucony “S” and original branding on the tongue.


The 3D Grid Hurricane is now available on and retailers such as AFEW Store. 

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