Saving Earth’s Giants: A Metaverse Art Campaign To Protect The Elephant Ecosystem

The Good Society launches Giants of the Metaverse, Fine Arts NFTs, envisioned by artist Marjan Moghaddam, all proceeds go to participating non profits

Yesterday, November 17th, The Good Society – a community of artists, creatives, and activists that are dedicated to global change through innovative programming – launched a campaign to support three projects necessary to “rewild” and protect elephants, as well as increase food security for locals. Led by 3 participating non-profits, Aspinall Foundation, Space for Giants, and Wildlife Conservation Foundation of Tanzania, the funds will all be directly donated to the conservations in an effort to prioritize the protection and nurturing of natural ecosystems and elephants. Read below for the steps on how to support.

Pioneered in collaboration with renowned and influential digital artist Marjan Moghaddam, the collection, #GiantsoftheMetaverse, is a visionary collection of fine arts Nfts in support of earth’s giants, Elephants. Envisioned by the artist herself, images of African and Asian elephants are transposed into 3dCG, AI GAN, Glitch, Meme and Post Net Art – painterly compositions exploring emergent ideas of the metaverse – in hopes of supporting the mission. 

Projects that will be funded from the mission include: #Backtothewild led by Aspinall Foundation which aims to rewild captive animals in their natural habitats and also rescuing animals that are at risk in Southern Africa. Human-Elephant Conflict led by Space for Giants which aims to reduce the areas of conflict between elephants and small farms by the construction of solar-powered electric fences around crops thereby protecting elephants and increasing food security for locals. Lastly, Ranger Development and Growth led by the Wildlife Conservation Foundation of Tanzania aims to grow the security of elephants for their protection.

How To Support:

1. Retrieve the link from our Twitter account or a trusted friend/source

2. Mint “Giants of the Metaverse” NFT

3. Receive (2) two links (displayed on the Success Screen)

4. Share the (2) two links to (2) two persons

Note: Links have a (2) two-hour lifespan

The only way to participate is to commit to donating 1000 tezos (cryptocurrency). 70% (the remaining 30% goes to planting trees for the Great Green wall in Africa + team expenses to run the campaign) of the proceeds will go to the non-profits and the person receiving a digital art piece. There will be an auction in December where holders of the NFTs will be able to bid on (10) ten unique experiences that are attached to NFT animations from the NFT collection “Giants of the Metaverse” created by digital artist Marjan Moghaddam.

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