Saweetie Launches Video for New song “Fast(Motion)”

Watch the rapper as she becomes number one soccer champion, cheer Queen, track winner and more

The Bay-area rapper reigns supreme in her latest music video. Taking the form of video game-ish visuals, the compilation sees Saweetie run (around) the world as champion of all, moving from quest to quest undefeated and growing 50 feet tall. A possible analogy for her stratospheric rise into stardom.

While sampling Ciara’s “Got me Good,” the video also features the prolific artist dominating at soccer, both winning and cheerleading at a Super Bowl, diving out of a plane and so much more. She can do it all. At least in the ‘Fast(Motion)’ dimension. Choreography always on point, this time flaunted as Saweetie and her dancers throw it back defying gravity on the side of a building.

Her looks are just as cool as her abilities, transforming the sporty into the sultry as she moves through each level, closing out in a figure-hugging gold fit, becoming one with her trophy.

This latest single follows the recent release of her Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1, which boasted collaborations with Drakeo the Ruler, Lourdiz, Loui, Kendra Jae, and Bbyafricka. Perhaps, “Fast (Motion)” is off her impending debut album, Pretty Bitch Music, but fans will have to wait a little while longer to tune into the EP.

Watch below, for Saweetie as takes on the world in her new single and video ‘Fast (Motion).’

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