Say it With Flowers

A selection of demure, under the radar fragrances, to consider for your beloved muses.

Nothing says, “I miss you. I love you.” like a bottle of flowers. Dive your nose into bottled bouquets and draw the pleasure of its scentual characteristics. As we crave moments of touch and affection, we can find ways to drift into each other once the flowers bloom. This holiday, V suggests a selection of demure, under the radar fragrances to consider for your beloved muses.

The Inquisitive Ingénue

Byredo Lil Fleur: Rose stained cheeks, eyes wide with innocence and curiosity. Light laughter airs the room. Chews strawberry licorice, watching adults talk. Sips sparkling shirley temples with a drop of amber vanilla.




Miss Dior Rose n Roses: A Rose n Roses. Who will notice Rose? Timid, yet a hopeful light illuminates through a smile. Afternoons of endless laughter rolling in the grass, wishing it was Grasse, chasing butterflies through a field of roses.



Bohemian Vagabond

Valmont Palazzo Nobile Casanova 2161: “Meet me by the irises towards the elevator.” A trail of smoke follows in slow motion through the hotel lobby – gin and tonic in hand. Always heels. Never sneakers.



Midnight Phone Call

Coco Mademoiselle L’eau Privée: Sweet with affection at first contact. Cools down to a rosy pastel into the night. Silk slips and red lips before dialing your line. A promise of adventure, watching the same moon.



The Oracle

Ex Nihilo Gold Immortals: Gentle to the touch, yet sharp with matters of the heart. Generous, boundless, and unconditional. Held in a cocoon of the familiar, a safe space for counsel.

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