Schiaparelli Gleams in Gold

Behind the scenes look at new Fall Winter 2022/23 Collection, a celebration of creativity

To create in this world is to address both beauty and tragedy. But in an age of widespread oppression and an intense political climate, the task of balancing both is a difficult feat. Creative innocence—That’s what Schiaparelli Creative Director Daniel Roseberry strives for. Refusing to let the brand be defined by showy slogans in a somber world. Celebrating fashion as the much-needed light in a long, dark tunnel.

Schiaparelli’s Fall Winter Collection is a literal interpretation of such light; Not even the audience of Monday’s runway show could be seen at surrounding the long, dim runway. Spotlights illuminated each model as they emerged from the dark, faces shielded by the brims of oversized, textured hats.

Haute couture evening gowns, fitted floral arrangements, and deep plunging necklines were the highlights of the collection, complete with super-sized gold jewelry of intricate construction. Behind the scenes, models were photographed with statement earrings and elaborate headpieces.

Emma Watson, Hunter Schafer, and Karlie Kloss were among celebrity guests at Schiaparelli’s show, just a fraction of the awestruck audience.

“I think we sometimes get defensive when our critics accuse us of just wanting to make beautiful things,” writes Roseberry in the collection’s press release. “But what’s wrong with wanting to make beautiful things? It’s not the only important part of life, of course, but it is a part of life. And to make truly beautiful things isn’t actually that easy. But it is a privilege—and I’m grateful for it every day”.


View the full collection, below: 

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