SCHUTZ and Bala Partner for Colorful Shoe Drop

Those classic SCHUTZ shoes, outfitted in your favorite Bala pastels.

Brazilian fashion brand SCHUTZ has found a new design partner. No, it’s not another clothing brand, melding two pre-existing lines into one. Instead, SCHUTZ opted to enter the fitness world, filled with its flashing colors and sleek structures. Bala has commanded the high-end exercise world over the last several years. Known for their Bala Bangles, the brand makes fitness gear more beautiful and approachable. Thus, they blend perfectly with the fashion world. For a limited time drop, SCHUTZ and Bala have come together to form a new line of two shoes. Built in those iconic Bala pastels, the collection effortlessly combines the worlds of luxury design and athleticism. 

Image courtesy of SCHUTZ x Bala

The collaboration redesigns two SCHUTZ shoe silhouettes, reforming them with Bala staples. First up is the Maryana Boot, with the high-quality embossed leather tinted to create a more feminine, elevated look. Also present in the collection is the Keefa High Nappa Leather Sandal, a popular stiletto recolored to pull eyes and make wearers stand out. These two styles are reframed in five Bala colorways: Sand, Blush, Sage, Sea, and Heather. The resulting shoes keep the luxury feel of SCHUTZ, while taking on the vibrancy and energy of your Bala Bangles.

Image courtesy of SCHUTZ x Bala

Launching November 30th, the collection is perfect for the fitness-crazed and fashionable. Over the last ten years, we’ve seen a blurring of the barrier between athleticwear and luxury. With major brands moving into the athleisure space, and with high-end designers coming out with their own workout lines, it seems the common culture has come to accept some gym wear as fashionable. The SCHUTZ and Bala line puts this design trend into practice; the athletic becomes high-end.

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