See the Full Range of Dior Black Ultra-Matte Bags

Dior’s ultra-matte revamp is bringing monochrome back to the forefront of the accessories game.

Monochrome may feel a little 2015, but the team at Christian Dior have been giving the palette a much-needed refresh. Dior, today, announced the newest models of the fashion houses’ most iconic handbags in the brand’s arsenal: a black ultra-matte range. The iconic Lady Dior, Saddle and Diorama bags have been designed in a classic and chic matte finish, in what Dior is calling “the epitome of elegance.” The brand has reinterpreted the classical and beloved designs through a modern and sleek black range.

The renewal of the Lady Dior, which dates bags to 1995, continues the vision from the founding of the fashion house, and revitalizes this through a modern lens. This trend is continued throughout each aspect and collection designed by Dior. The saddle bag, created in 1999, honored the equestrian world, becoming one of today’s most recognizable and must-have accessories (after a similar reboot). Through a fusion of genres and timeless designs, which are “simultaneously graphic, modern and sophisticated”, the Diorama came to fruition, which debuted in the spring-summer 2015 ready-to-wear collection.

The brand’s newest presentation is yet another example of how Dior integrates the brands heritage throughout the designs of its most contemporary collections. The Black Ultra Matte range is no exception to this tradition. Dior demonstrates the infinite ability to revitalize classic designs, melding them into our modern wardrobes.

Take a look at Dior Black Ultra-Matte bags in the images below.




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