See the Nature-Inspired Spring/Summer 2022 Collection by Moncler 5 Craig Green

The collection boasts bold motifs and a slew of functional design notions.

Nature and fashion have forever gone hand in hand. Whether it be floral-filled frocks or abstract motifs, the two medium are unique in crafting a distinct, thoughtful design lexicon. For Spring/Summer 2022, Moncler and Craig Green are strengthening that dialogue with conceptual, nature-focused pieces.

Since joining forces, British designer Craig Green and luxury outerwear label Moncler have churned out five thought-provoking, sculptural collections for Moncler Genius. For the pair’s sixth collaboration, nature served as sartorial inspiration with an embedded sense of functionality throughout.

This season, Green conceptualized the collection around the tenants of nature’s varying elements. Too, the designer ensured that each piece of clothing boasts more than one function: parkas doubling as tents, collapsible rafts, and a bevy of zip and tie closures. For Green, clothing has forever transcended the realm of aesthetics, merging into utilitarian-focused function.

Craig Green signatures—parkas, zip-up jackets, oversized trousers, sweatshirts—are welcomed basics to the collection, albeit overshadowed by the sculptural contraptions that are layered over the aforementioned pieces. With winding metal rods and zingy colored inflatable overlays, the collection’s pieces lean more into the sphere of sculpture than traditional fashion. Logo and motifs recalling global locales are positioned throughout the collection while a new Moncler logo is blown up to become abstract.

Alongside the thoughtful shapes and textures, the collection also incorporated several elements of sustainability: zero waste intarsia jackets, recycled nylon, and organic cotton. Coupled with bold style lines and tinges of the nautical world, the collection’s standout pieces are not only sartorially intelligent, but are also designed with the environment in mind.

With cocoon-like shapes and oversized parkas with hidden functions, Moncler 5 Craig Green’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection highlights that fashion has no boundaries. Alongside a dedication to the beauty of the outdoors, the collection re-upped the two entities’ commitment to crafting useful, bold pieces.

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