See the World’s First Fragrance Made From Air

Air Company releases a genderless fragrance, Air Eau de Parfum, inspired by the earth’s elements.

There’s nothing better than a product that only looks, feels and smells good, but also is good for the environment. A first of its kind for the brand and industry, Air Company releases the world’s first ever fragrance made from air. The genderless fragrance, titled Air Eau de Parfum, has a unique citrusy, clean and fresh scent with hints of powdery musk and tobacco. Its smell is meant to embody the earth’s elementsair, water and sunand represent how the product was developed and crafted: for and by the planet. 

In line with the brand’s ethos of creating “products for the future,’’ the fragrance has a minimalist design that is not only aesthetically pleasing and practical, but also sustainable. The glass container it comes in is meant to be reused, while the box/packaging is made out of recycled cardboard. Air Company also gives customers the opportunity to choose between three different caps, all of which are environmentally friendly. The no-cap, chrome-finish clip is one option that is an  “even lighter environmental footprint” compared to its two other repursiable caps. 

Courtesy of Air Company
Courtesy of Air Company

To create a fragrance made from air, the brand used 100% renewable energy sources and its award-winning technology to mimic photosynthesis “by using only air (CO2), water and sun (solar energy) to transform carbon dioxide into impurity-free ethanol.’’ This process not only lessens the effect of fragrance production on the environment, but also helps improve the air we breathe and reduce emissions. 

“The introduction of Air Eau de Parfum as an expansion into fragrance is a part of our ongoing effort to encourage a movement of ideas and innovation to help combat climate change,” Gregory Constantine, Co-founder & CEO of Air Company said. “Our concept was inspired by rethinking how we interact with fragrance. We innovated every aspect of the sensorial experience to offer a scent with elegant packaging to demonstrate what is possible for the future in sustainable innovation.’’

Air Eau de Parfum is currently available for pre-order. Read more about the fragrance and its production on the brand’s website.

Courtesy of Air Company
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