Selena Gomez Releases Video for Hands to Myself

Selena Gomez Releases Video for Hands to Myself

Text: Ian David Monroe

This year saw Selena Gomez shed her Disney-friendly image, and, as a 23-year-old woman, claim her sexuality. It started in February with her topless V94 cover, which despite media shock proved only mild in contrast to her completely nude album cover unveiled a few months later. In between these two landmarks, fans got a taste of a seductive Selena with the music video to “Good For You,” a track all about feeding into the male gaze. While her famous ex Justin Bieber is on an alleged “apology” tour, Gomez is certainly not.

Today, she bids farewell to a sorry-not-sorry 2015 with the music video to her latest single “Hands to Myself.” In it, she traipses around a man’ s house in nothing but black lingerie, sporting some new blunt bangs, and serious confidence. It all seems in good fun until the cops arrive, of course.

Gomez recently performed the track for the Victoria’ s Secret Fashion Show that aired on December 8. Accompanying that performance, a cast of VS Angels created and released a lip-sync video of the track.


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