Selena Gomez to Raise $100 Million for Mental Health

Selena Gomez and Rare Beauty are launching the Rare Impact Fund to provide mental health resources and tools to underserved communities.

Selena Gomez’s beauty brand, Rare Beauty, is indefinitely donating one percent of its sales to provide mental health resources for underserved communities.

The Rare Impact Fund plans to raise $100 million throughout a span of ten years to help connect mental health tools and resources to communities in need. Selena Gomez, a longtime mental health advocate who has personally benefited from mental health resources, founded Rare Beauty along the same vein as the new fund — to help people around the world feel less lonely.

“Since the brand’s inception, we wanted to find a way to give back to our community and further support people who needed access to mental health services, which have had a profound impact on my life,” Gomez said.

In addition to the fund, Rare Beauty is partnering with a number of mental health experts and organizations to both reach their aspirational goal and successfully program the fund. The Rare Beauty Mental Health Council is composed of experts from leading institutions such as Yale, McLean Hospital and the National Alliance for Hispanic Health.

Scott Friedman, CEO of Rare Beauty, noted that Rare Beauty’s goal is “ambitious.” But if Friedman and Rare Beauty can successfully reach their goal, the Rare Impact Fund will be one of the largest mental health philanthropic efforts in the world.

Rare Beauty was announced by Gomez in February, but reached Sephora shelves this summer. The beauty brand stresses the importance of embracing imperfections and promote self-acceptance.


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