Selena Gomez Wants You to “Look at Her Now”

The pop-star just released another single “Look at her Now.”

Selena Gomez released two new singles back-to-back. Her most recent release, “Look at Her Now” is in direct contrast with her previously released single “Lose You to Love Me.”

It is such a toe-tapping bop that it features Gomez dancing amongst a brightly lit, colorful backdrop. Shot on an iPhone, viewers feel as though they’re dancing along with her. She sings about her “First real lover” and the demise of that relationship, “His too ’til he had another / Oh, God, when she found out /Trust levels went way down.”

But she isn’t sad, she acknowledges that love is there if she wants it. And romance isn’t the only thing concerning V‘s Spring 2015 cover girl. She has long been on a quest to find complete wellness, often taking breaks from Instagram and taking time off since her last album [Revival, 2015] to focus on her well-being. But, it’s safe to say the 27-year-old pop star is back and better than ever.

She dedicated the music video and song to her “ride or dies” which she thanked for “pushing me [Gomez] to be the best.”








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