Send Your Best Nudes for This Valentine’s Day

Face-Off: Battle of the Nudes. V test out 2 of the best nude palettes on the market.

Billion-dollar beauty guru Huda Kattan has been thriving due to her successful cosmetics brand, Huda Beauty. The entrepreneur and influencer has a fan base of over 29 million followers on Instagram, all of whom are loyal consumers to the beauty brand and content. Her fans have been asking for a nude eyeshadow palette for quite some time, which Kattan has finally decided to deliver. She launched the New Nude Palette, which includes an array of 18 shades of pinks, browns, burgundies, and bronzes made of matte, metallic, and glitter shimmers. The shadows have a vibrant tint with a creamy touch, and let’s be real here, who doesn’t want that eye glow!?

Huda Beauty

After Kattan’s launch of the New Nude Palette, we decided to have a palette face-off with another well-known nude palette, the Urban Decay Naked3 Palette, praised by many. People are very particular with their makeup and are always looking to get bang for their buck, so we put it to the test. Let’s send off our best nudes for V-Day, shall we?

Let’s start with the basics. The Naked3 palette has 12, rose-hued neutral eye shades in every finish, while the New Nude palette consists of 18 highly pigmented shadows with 10 matte eyeshadows, four multi-reflective shades, two glitter formulas, one pressed pearl, and one concealer base. There is an 11 dollar cost difference, with the New Nude at $65 and the Naked3 at $54. The Naked3 comes with a professional-quality, cruelty-free, double-ended shadow/blending brush, while the New Nude stands alone.


We tested out three colors from each palette and put them head to head.

Bare v.s. Strange

The color that seemed the most identical in each palette was the concealer base. The Naked3 color took a few strokes to appear on the skin. While the Huda beauty color only needed one stroke to appear. And even with one stroke, Huda Beauty’s concealer base overpowered Naked3’s.

Crave v.s. Trick

Next, we decided to get a little more daring. We brought out the sparkles and it did not disappoint. The differences are very minor visually, but Huda Beauty’s colors only needed one stroke to pop out. Naked3’s colors needed a few more strokes to visibly show up on the skin. However, both colors from the palettes did shimmer and shine off the skin.

Excite v.s. Buzz

Lastly, we tested a heavy glitter particle from each palette, which was a surprising outcome. Even though the New Nude Palette’s glitter shimmer looked denser, it did not play out that way on the skin. It did not show up onto the skin until we swapped it about five times. The Naked3 color gave us more of a light shimmer and was much easier to apply to the skin compared to the New Nude Palette’s glitter particle.

All in all, Huda Beauty’s New Nude Palette snatched the title for this face-off. Even though it is slightly more expensive than Naked3, it is well worth the money. Not only does it have more of an array of colors to choose from but is actually long-lasting. The colors stayed on the skin very well, and there was an easiness to the application, which is a great asset in any palette. And who doesn’t want to shine all night?

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