Seth Rogen Launches Houseplant

A collection of marijuana bud and accessories, Houseplant is changing the way people smoke.

Recreational drug use has a new look, and it’s one designed by Seth Rogen.

The actor and comedian launched Houseplant, a hub of accessories and strains of marijuana designed by Rogen himself. The collection is divided into two categories: “House,” which features a lighter, ashtray and vase set and vinyl LP set, and “Plant,” which includes bud from an indica and a sativa strain respectively.

Houseplant is changing the look of marijuana use: gone are the illicit rolling papers and half-empty Bic lighters. Rogen’s designs are fun, bold, innovative and even stylish, doubling as household accessories with colorful design schematics.

Thoughtfully designed and carefully curated, the ceramic ashtray and vase set are classic coffee table accessories, while the statement block table lighter is just as much a piece of homeware as it is an actual lighter.

The vinyl box set—advertised as “the smooth sounds of sativa, indica, and hybrid”—is a fun finisher to the first Houseplant collection, featuring three LPs with a mix of recorded tracks to fit the vibe of the smoking session with whichever strain you dabble in. Even the bud itself comes in fun containers, a bright orange or neon pink brick with a minimalist finishing.

Rogen and Houseplant are rebranding recreational drugs and educating as they do so, too, with a devoted support page for organizations such as The Marijuana Policy Project, Black Lives Matter and Cannabis Amnesty.

If you are 21+, shop Houseplant here.

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