Seven Sun Hats for Any Pool Day

Helping you choose the right hat so you can be out in the sun for as long as you want

Sitting in the sun and lounging by the pool all day in the middle of summer is definitely sexy. But withstanding prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is arguably not sexy at all. With trends in dermatology and skin care pinpointing sun damage from UV rays as a key factor for enhanced aging, incorporating sun-protective pieces into your fashion arsenal is an important step to keeping your skin looking flawless for much longer. In comes the sun hat: a summer-staple accessory to keep you safe from the sun that everyone needs to have in their wardrobes. 

Here are seven stylish sun hats that’ll have you looking perfect and protected from UV rays for all your pool day needs. 

The Livy Junior Hat by Van Palma


Image courtesy of Van Palma

An elegant sun hat for the headgear skeptic. This straw sun hat is sleek, wide-brimmed and perfectly adaptable for any summer occasion. Its shape is somewhere between a fedora and a cowboy hat in a way that makes it perfect for lounging by the pool. Its gold chain detailing is also a stunning accessory that makes this hat incredibly versatile and ready to be added to any outfit.

Shop the Livy Junior Hat for $300 on



Buko Face Bucket Hat by Acne Studios

Image courtesy of Acne Studios

The Buko Face Bucket Hat from Swedish label Acne Studios pairs a perfect pop of color with a minimalist metal smiley face plaque to mimic the cool Scandinavian style plastered all over Pinterest.

Shop the Buko Face Bucket Hat for $160 on



Lamé Papier Hat by Gucci

Image courtesy of Gucci

A new twist on the classic straw sun hat, this Lamé Papier Hat has a sleek and flat high dome. But what really makes this hat unique is its stunning gold metal bee detail, sowed into an eye-catching black grosgrain bow band that’ll definitely snag everyone’s attention. 

Shop the Lamé Papier Hat for $510 on



Fisherman Hat in Canvas and Calfskin by Loewe


Image courtesy of Loewe

If you’re looking for a hat that’s somewhere between a wide-brimmed straw hat and a bucket hat, look no further than Loewe’s Fisherman Hat. It has a wider brim for a bucket hat that’ll maximize your sun coverage. This one in the beige print is the perfect companion to any tote bag in your closet.

Shop the Fisherman Hat in Canvas and Calfskin for $490 on



The Lucca Hat by ARTESANO

Image courtesy of Artesano

This two tone wide-brimmed straw hat is perfect for the bright-color aficionado. It comes in seven different two-tone color combinations that will provide a perfect pop of boldness that’ll be sure to turn heads while you’re sunbathing in style.

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Veruschka in Ivory Sunhat by Eugenia Kim

Image courtesy of Eugenia Kim

Sometimes, you want a lot of UV protection. This oversized sun hat in herringbone will make sure that you’re completely covered in shade. The black satin pull-through scarf that adorns this hat gives off a sublime vibe, à la Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap. It’s classic and chic:  a perfect addition to any personal collection that’ll stand the test of time.

Shop the Veruschka in Ivory Sunhat for $495 on



Crochet Knit-Trimmed Embroidered Straw Fedora by Missoni


Image courtesy of Missoni


This straw fedora is a dynamic and chic take on the classic sun hat. I know, I know, fedoras can sound a little intimidating, but this hat’s wide brim gives it a much beachier look. It also has a beautiful crochet embroidered knit-trim in an electric pattern of turquoise, terracotta, white, and purple that makes it ready to wear near a big body of water. 

Shop the Crochet Knit-Trimmed Embroidered Straw Fedora for $600 on

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