New Year, Same Fitness Goals: Hit the Ground Running with These Youtube Workouts

New Year, Same Fitness Goals: Hit the Ground Running with These Youtube Workouts

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New Year, Same Fitness Goals: Hit the Ground Running with These Youtube Workouts

Stay productive while killing time.

Stay productive while killing time.

Text: Valerie Stepanova

Welcome to 2021, we did it! Let's leave some of the bad habits from 2020, stay in 2020. Prepping for a healthier and stronger 2021, we rounded up some serious ass-kicking, sweat-inducing videos to ring in the new year with a bang. Staying active while being at home is now more important and relevant than ever — so here's your perfect chance to buckle up and tackle all of those fitness goals and resolutions you've set for your 2021 self.

Here are some of our top picks that will get you started on this journey — no matter your workout preferences and fitness goals:

Yoga with Adriene

Suitable for all levels, bodies and genders, this digital yoga library features everything from meditation for stress relief and self-love to high-intensity classes for strength and stamina. Founded and launched by Adriene Mishler, the channel also includes several 30-day yoga journeys to help you create better habits, improve mobility, tone muscle and clear your mind. Browse away!


This come workouts channel goes above and beyond when it comes to making your abdominals seriously SORE. The exercises and routines akin to those normally incorporated in a pilates/barre group class are combined with dynamic music and timed movements, leaving you with no excuse to lounge around and watch Netflix on the couch all day.

Fitness Blender

With over 600 free workout videos available, this husband-and-wife duo has mastered it when it comes to full-length at-home workouts. Using various workout styles and targeting different muscle groups in each video, you are sure to find something that will suit your specific goals and needs.


Launched back in 2009 by certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho, this channel is the ultimate destination for full-length POP Pilates, PIIT28 and Bootcamp Sculpting workouts. Over the years, this fitness blogger has gone through quite a health & fitness journey of her own — and she's happy to talk about it and help you achieve your fitness goals, so follow along!

Jeanette Jenkins

Though this founder and president of the Hollywood Trainer fitness company doesn't have a YouTube library of her own, you can easily find her hosting intense calorie-burning cardio workouts on POPSUGAR fitness. With almost three decades of experience and A-list clients like Pink, Alicia Keys and Serena Williams under her belt, you can trust this celebrity trainer to guide you through your fitness journey — even if you're only a beginner.

Pamela Reif

This fitness guru brings you the best of full-body workouts live from Germany. With videos ranging from HIIT sessions to 30-minute yoga and stretch sessions, this blonde beauty truly has something for everyone. Subscribe and stay tuned: in addition to posting videos, Pamela is also hosting live YouTube training sessions.

Anna Victoria

Anna Victoria's home workout challenges have led thousands of people to subscribe to her app and YouTube channel. This trainer will walk you through everything from how much weight to use for your fitness level to the number of reps to do. She is a real pro in things like deadlifts, weighted glute bridges, fire hydrants and such, so if that's your thing — hop on over!


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