In a world where dreams are the ultimate escape, two members of K-pop sensation SEVENTEEN are about to take you on a journey that will leave you to question reality. JEONGHAN and WONWOO, two of the thirteen members of the international boy band, have just released their highly-anticipated debut album “THIS MAN.”

Inspired by the urban legend of a mysterious individual who appears in dreams, “THIS MAN” is an immersive experience that delves into the realm of the subconscious. The album’s narrative is told through four chapters, each one a piece that completes the tale of two men traversing across dreams and reality. 

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The lead single, “Last Night”, is a sultry moombahton track that sets the tone for the album’s dark, conceptual mood. Featuring acoustic guitar melodies from South Korean guitarist Juwon Park, the song captures the state of an unstoppable longing for exploration. “Beautiful Monster”, a medium-tempo R&B track dedicated to JEONGHAN, is a hauntingly beautiful melody, while WONWOO’s rock ballad, “Leftover”, serves as a reflection on the pain of waking up to reality. With JEONGHAN’s smooth vocals and WONWOO’s deep, rough tones, the album is sure to draw listeners from every part of the world. 

Courtesy of PLEDIS Entertainment
Courtesy of PLEDIS Entertainment

As SEVENTEEN prepares to take the stage in Europe, “THIS MAN” marks a new chapter for the artists and a possible diversion to more featured, individual sounds. While the 13-member boy band prepares for upcoming performances at the Glastonbury Festival and Lollapalooza Berlin, V catches up with JEONGHAN and WONWOO on dreaming, reality, and the creative process behind their new album.

V: Can you each say one thing that you admire about the other in terms of creativity or artistry?

J: With WONWOO, he’s recently been like the voice of hope, the god of optimism. He approaches everything he does with such positive energy, which I think also shows in all his recent work. I have so much respect for that. I don’t have the best stamina so I tend to start feeling tired quite easily, but WONWOO just doesn’t drain of energy. WONWOO, you’re the best!

W: I admire JEONGHAN’s youthful aura. He always manages to look clean and well groomed with or without makeup, and he presents and expresses himself in a way that is unique to him. His vocal tone is also one that sharply contrasts mine, so I envy it sometimes haha.

V: Can you explain to the American audience who JEONGHAN and WONWOO are?

W: WONWOO : We are two members of the group SEVENTEEN, and we’re releasing our first album THIS MAN as a pair, deviating slightly from the work we’ve accomplished in the past as the full group. In our album, there is more of a fantasy to the tale, involving dreams, mysteries, enchantment, and two men of contrasting nature. We hope you’ll enjoy the full experience, running through the full album and the music video that visualizes the project.

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V: This new project has a lot to do with dreams. Do either of you have recurring dreams? If so, can you describe them?

W: I don’t dream very often, to be honest. But oftentimes the life I’m living right now feels like a dream. Within just the first half of this year, playing arenas and stadiums for our encore tour, each show felt like a fantasy, a fairytale-like dream. Being able to engage with our fans, CARATs, on such a big stage, the performances created with the help of our huge team, and all the conversations between our members in that setting, that’s a recurring dream. 

V: With all of the success of SEVENTEEN, do you ever consider your lives to be like dreams come true?

J: I ask myself ‘How is it that so many people so generously love and support someone like myself?’ and it all starts feeling like a dream. Our 10-month long tour recently came to a close, and we’ve unveiled the latest addition to our discography, “MAESTRO,’ tied to a ‘Best of’ album of ours. With every interview we do, I hear someone say ‘now in your 10th year,’ ‘past the 9th anniversary of your debut,’ and then I look back to how much time has passed and how fast it has all gone by. I’m really going to cherish these dream-like memories, and I’m going to treasure each and every moment with everyone that’s been with us along the way.

Courtesy of PLEDIS Entertainment
JEONGHAN X WONWOO (SEVENTEEN) ‘Last night (Guitar by Park Juwon)’ Official Music Video – YouTube

SEVENTEEN’s JEONGHAN X WONWOO’s 3-track album “THIS MAN” is out now.

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