Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Collection Is Finally Here

00’s Scene kid and binary trailblazer, Jeffree Star has just dropped his new Conspiracy palate in collaboration with YouTuber, Shane Dawson.

Starting his career on MySpace, the former celebrity make-up artist is now a multi-million dollar mogul! The original ‘beauty killer’ has teamed up with YouTuber, Shane Dawson for new makeup collection, ‘Conspiracy’.

Jeffree and Shane first meet when Dawson interviewed Star for a special three-part web-documentary. In the 2018 documentary, Star gave Dawson unprecedented access to his life, his home, and most importantly his dreamy closest (sooo much Gucci). Star was also extremely candid about his upbringing, teenage struggles, and career setbacks. In 2010 Star was signed to Konvict Muzik and dubbed the next Lady Gaga. Due to the labels, personal issues Stars promising musical career never kicked off.

With just a few hundred bucks left Star invested all of his money into three shades of lipstick. The beauty risk more than paid off. Jeffree Star cosmetics is now a global mega-brand, driven by his personality and online tutorials. Fans were lucky enough to be given a guided tour by Jeffree at one of his factories, it was this tour that led to the collaboration. Dawson quizzed Star about his creative process and during the discussion, Jeffree offered Shane the chance to practice at pitching a new product. It was this idea that birthed the new Conspiracy collection.

The Conspiracy collection features two eyeshadow palettes, one offering 19 shades and a mini version with nine shades. There are also six lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balm, mirrors, and makeup bags. Fans who want the entire collection can purchase the Conspiracy package for $210. With a combined following of 39 million YouTube followers, the palette is expected to generate millions in sales.

The YouTube stars revealed the collection in an hour-long video sending fans into a frenzy. ‘I couldn’t have asked for a better person on the planet to collab with,’ said Star. Taking to Twitter he wrote “never been more proud of a project”, Dawson responded with “I can’t stop crying. I can’t believe it.”

Fans were quick to congratulate the pair, “As I live and breathe… I’ve fallen in love. Such an amazingly put together, unexpected and outside of the box palette” said one. “Actually cried. I’m so emotionally invested. Shane, you deserve this,” commented another.

Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Conspiracy collaboration drops today, instore and online.

Take a look at the campaign images and products below.

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