Sharp Suiter

Taras Romanov showcases new minimalist silhouettes in a cinematic vision of New York.

Each designer has their own take on the suit – an unparalleled staple of menswear that, because it is so classic, invites reinvention. Here, Taras Romanov, styled by Grant Woolhead, models some of the most stunning suits and other menswear items on the market against the iconic urban backdrop of New York City. Photographer Billy Kidd captures Romanov’s elegant embodiment of these minimalist pieces, which pare down to the basics, allowing seamless navigation through the urban landscape.

All clothing Versace, Watch Omega, Jewelry David Yurman

From brooding intensity to explosive confidence, Romanov embodies the emotions brought out in the wearer of this timeless, masculine clothing. Shot in vivid color, he wears all Versace, with a glint of silver from his Omega watch flashing against the urban industrial backdrop.

Taras wears all clothing and shoes Emporio Armani, Jewelry Bulgari
All clothing Burberry

Burberry embraces a maritime theme with shark tooth embellishments on the collar and cuffs of their shirt. Paired with pants featuring a mermaid tail design, they add some grit and swagger that’s perfect for a summer night on the urban island. More effortlessly cool night-out looks from Comme des Garçons and Dior follow.

All clothing Comme des Garçons Homme Plus, Ring David Yurman
Top Dior Men, Watch and jewelry Bulgari. Dior Backstage: Face & Body Powder-no-Powder.

A classic dark suit and light shirt are an unstoppable combination well-prepared for the rhythms of city living. When hailing a cab, Romanov looks sophisticated in Prada – always a beacon of professional, impeccable style. Giuseppe Zanotti dress shoes are right at home on cracked city sidewalks, carving a path for the modern man who radiates minimalist charm.

All clothing Prada, Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti, Bracelet David Yurman
All clothing Hermès, Necklace David Yurman
All clothing and shoes Louis Vuitton, Watch Omega, Jewelry David Yurman

Romanov ends the shoot in Balenciaga, with a graphic tee and striped collar for some hipster undertones. Eyes fixed on some goal in the distance, he’s well-dressed to meet whatever obstacles the city might throw his way and ready to adapt these looks to each moment of a fast-paced New York life.

All clothing Balenciaga
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