Shia LaBeouf Tattooed His Entire Front Torso for ‘Tax Collector’

LaBeouf tattooed his entire front torso for his leading role in ‘Tax Collector’

How far would you go to get in character if a movie studio paid you millions of dollars? Well, Shia LaBeouf tattooed his entire front torso for his leading role in “Tax Collector.”  

From the top of his chest to the bottom of his stomach, LaBeouf’s skin is permanently inked with a number of tattoos morphed into one. At the top of his chest is a portrait of his mother and father. Towards his stomach, LaBeouf’s “Tax Collector” character’s name, Creeper, is imprinted in big bold letters. In a recent interview with Slash Film, director David Ayer said LaBeouf is one of the most committed actors he has ever worked with.

“He had a tooth pulled on ‘Fury’ and then on ‘Tax Collector’ he got his whole chest tattooed,” Ayer told Slash Film. “So he kind of goes all in and I’ve never known anyone that committed.”

LaBeouf chose Los Angeles based tattoo artist Bryan Ramirez to complete the tattoo. Ramirez posted a photo on Instagram last year showcasing his work, but it wasn’t until Complex reposted the photos a few days ago that people started noticing LaBeouf’s commitment.

LaBeouf is not alone with his intense level of commitment when it comes to preparing for leading roles. Christian Bale consumed only water, coffee and one apple a day to prepare for his role in “The Machinist.” In the film, Bale plays a factory worker whose weight and mental health are impacted by insomnia.

Most famously, in Robert Zemeckis’ “Cast Away,” Tom Hanks dropped 55-pounds to portray Chuck Noland — a businessman who gets stranded on a deserted island. Margot Robbie apparently skated several days a week to prepare for her role in “I,Tonya.” 

Perhaps their dedication was worth it as both films landed Robbie and Hanks academy-award nominations.


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