Shining Lights and the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Inspire Messika’s New Collection

Beyond the Light uses gold and diamonds to create a collection of infinite light.

For their new collection, Messika looks to the lure of ancient Egypt. Using gold and diamonds, Messika creates a collection that exudes eternal radiance.

Artistic Director Valérie Messika ties design motifs from ancient Egypt with retro-futuristic designs to create Beyond the Light. Graphic lines and exceptional stones form unique and innovative pieces. Each piece takes inspiration from a different piece of ancient Egyptian mythology. The star of the collection, the Akh-Ba-Ka, uses a constellation of diamonds to create the light that the origin of its name represents. Akh represents a person’s transition towards the light. BA represents transformation, and KA represents vital energy. Together, these symbols inspire the dazzling Akh-Ba-Ka set. Complete with an Egyptian winged scarab, the mythical theme of the collection is truly emphasized.

“Ancient Egypt was a civilization that continues to fascinate all generations and cultures. It emanates a mystery, an almost magical aura that evokes eternity. It is also a world that instills a powerful and inspiring spirituality,” said Messika.

Sparkling diamonds, transformable pieces, original designs, and innovative principles drive the Beyond the Lights collection. This new collection brings to light a sets a new horizon for Messika High Jewelry.


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