Shop at JW Anderson with Emma Corrin for London Fashion Week

Can you think of anything more British?

As we all patiently await JW Anderson’s SS21 Womenswear collection, which will be presented a week from now, JW Anderson celebrated LFW today with a virtual shopping spree, taking us along for the ride.

Accompanied by The Crown’s Emma Corrin and Harry Styles’ stylist Harry Lambert, with a special appearance from Jonathan Anderson himself, we get to shop with our eyes at the JW flagship in Soho, London.

Starting with some lovely shots of the London streets, Harry and Emma meet, clad in masks, of course, at a little cafe and suggest some shopping at JW Anderson.

The video follows Emma and Harry’s trip, but also lets the viewer get a good look at the store and some of their hottest products at the moment, from bright orange bags to checkered coats. The pair starts off looking at some cute JW bags, from the wedge bag to the burning house tote.

Harry finds the mushroom hoodie he’s wanted for a while, Emma rocks a few different JW jackets, and Jonathan stops in to hang with Harry and Emma, and they all discuss JW’s expertise in knitwear. Emma ends up buying a gorgeous navy puff-sleeve trench and ultimately falling in love with the black wedge bag.

The fun British pair walk away with some cute JW purchases, giving us even more inspiration to do a little online shopping at JW Anderson.

The video is a fun little celebration of the brand and Fashion Week itself, though we can’t all be appreciating these designs in person, we can enjoy this virtual treat.

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