Shop Louis Vuitton x NBA At Madison Square Garden (Virtually)

Virgil Abloh is designing basketball chic

Louis Vuitton’s latest collection is a treat for those fans at the intersection of high fashion and sport chic. Under the artistic direction of Virgil Abloh, the house has entered a three year partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA). Their first offering is now available for browsing at Madison Square Garden, virtually that is.

As part of the Spring-Summer 2021 Pre-collection, Abloh sought to capture the spirit of “the player’s wardrobe” in this three part capsule collection. The first style, dubbed “travels and transits,” shows the players laid back and comfy. The brand offers a grey, cashmere tracksuit to meet this aesthetic. Adorning the soft garments is a basketball motif and combined logo: LV + NBA.

The second iteration, game arrivals, has the player with a slightly more elevated look, fashionable but sporty. Louis Vuitton offers a blue, hooded leather jacket, again bearing the graphic lines of a basketball across the chest and shoulder. This time, the leather is also embossed with the monogrammed LV logo. Jeans and t-shirts also slot into this category.

The final event, the press conference, has a much more tailored and elevated aesthetic. Monogrammed suits and dress shirts offer the player a refined sensibility as they meet the flashing cameras. Other attire in the collection includes shoes, bags, and sunglasses, along with a few pieces of gold jewelry.

To shop the collection, you can visit Louis Vuitton’s virtual setup in Madison Square Garden, where the sounds of squeaking basketball shoes and bouncing basketballs accompany your browsing. Right on the center of the court, mannequins model the garments, and clicking through their outfits gives you a closer look at the collection. Check it out here, or go straight to shopping here.

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