Shop Thobias is Setting the Gold Standard for Women’s Fashion

The up-and-coming label is making waves

Kevin Thobias is a serial entrepreneur that has made his fortune taking a calculated risk, he invested $2 million into Tesla stock, having nerves of steel to hold the stock until his portfolio was valued at $12 million. This whopping profit is attributed to his relentless vision and pursuit of excellence, as well as unfaltering belief in his investment. Regardless of the fact that Tesla is considered a “blue chip” stock on the market, Kevin’s strategy to hold this stock to realize a significant profit is a testament to his business savvy and entrepreneurial astuteness.

Now that Kevin has a hefty amount of capital, he is looking to invest in industries like genomics that have the capability to disrupt the way people access preventative medicine. Genomics are premised on ascertaining an individual’s genetic predisposition to cancer and disease, giving individual actionable methods to counter potentially adverse health issues to promote a greater sense of overall health and wellness. Gene editing is a field that is of particular interest to Kevin, as advancements in this field can yield groundbreaking health benefits to make the world a healthier and better place.

In the midst of looking to invest in companies that can promote a better way of life, Kevin is also seeking to make the world look better as well. Women’s fashion is an industry that is flooded with various products at different price ranges, however, finding apparel that is high in quality and affordable is far from a walk in the park. Despite the fact that there a plethora of brands on the market today, Kevin has embarked on a mission to create a high-quality women’s fashion brand that is both stylish and affordable. His brand, Thobias, is set to debut a line of dresses that can be worn on any occasion, from exclusive cocktail parties and glamorous nightlife outings, to simple group gatherings for lunch or dinner. The design for Thobias is done between London and Los Angeles, while the manufacturing takes place in Los Angeles. Women are in for a much-needed treat with Thobias, as it offers refined elegance with the highest levels of quality, at a great price.

Thobias is looking to make a lasting impact on women’s fashion with the launch of the brand in May, and with Kevin’s immaculate track record in business, it is sure me be met with great success.

For more info on Thobias, please follow Thobias on Instagram @shopthobias.

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