SHOTTYUPNEXT Sings of Love and Loss in New Single

“Red Lights” explores budding romances amidst the changing of seasons.

Before there was music, there was poetry – at least that was the case for SHOTTYUPNEXT, a musician who hails from Queens, New York. From a very young age, he would hole up in his bedroom and write poems. He soon paired his talent for the spoken word with his love of music and explored a new passion, singing and music-making. 

Today, he moves one step closer to his dream and releases “Red Lights.” Over sweet melodies and smooth beats, SHOTTY tells the story of a summer romance that never makes it into the fall and into colder months. The single release also comes with an accompanying music video, directed by Mir Niaz. Featuring SHOTTYUPNEXT and his beau (played by Chelsea Galindo) laughing and playfully teasing each other. 

“Red Lights touches on romance and hoping that even if it doesn’t work out, after all of the late nights together, after all of the time spent together, you can still move on and land on your feet,” the artist shares. “Red Lights is definitely warmer than Vibes Cartel, but still carries the same level of braggadocio Vibes Cartel had.”

The song opens with a girl’s voice saying, “Oh, not us being in love with each other and never admitting it.” SHOTTYUPNEXT sets the tone for his upcoming verses in a way that is both emotionally charged and familiar, giving listeners a wallflower’s opportunity to experience a core memory of this fling just as he experiences it. And as he brings us through his own experience, you’ll find yourself unraveling a story that’s eerily familiar. It’s as if the song comments on something larger, perhaps what dating in this generation can feel like – at times heavy and intense, while other times cold and distant. 

And as much as it reflects the changing of seasons – “Red Lights” also marks the beginning of SHOTTYUPNEXT’s creative pursuits. The musician teases a song with Daniel West called “Only After 2AM” among other singles that we can expect to receive in the coming months. 

Stream “Red Lights” down below!

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