On the fourth of February, Moncler and its many friends made their way to the snowy slopes of St. Moritz for a showcase of the fashion house’s Fall/Winter 2024 Collection, offering an immersive experience in the wildernesscomplete with a magical, white runway with illuminated trees and powdery snow. Luckily for us, V got the chance to witness this magic up close and personal. See below for a full show diary as we documented the start to end of an unforgettable trip.

“Even though Moncler was born in 1952 in French Alpes (near the city of Grenoble), the Italian Alps are the brand’s adoptive home. It was a logical choice for Remo Ruffini and his team to organize a spectacular show in St. Moritz. The only way to reach this coveted and most glamorous ski resort is by car (unless you have a private jet which many of the village residents actually do have). From both Zurich and Milan, the ride will take just under three hours. The landscape is breathtaking.”

“Moncler loves paying attention to detail! Our invitation package consisted of many elements, but the most impressive one was a huge white, Moncler-branded cape. We were told that all of the guests would be cloaked in white.”

“The first stop on our busy schedule was a new Moncler Grenoble boutique in the very center of St. Moritz. This is also the first Grenoble boutique in the world and if you love winter sports and activities, imagine this as your Disneyland go-to, shopping spot. To note: the Moncler Grenoble line is an exclusive collection of ski wear for men, women, and children.”

“Our welcome dinner was held at the hottest new restaurant in St. Moritz: Langosteria! Rumor has it you need to have excellent social connections to score a table here. Even though we were in the Swiss Alps, the menu was fish-based and those delicious ingredients arrive daily from Italy, fresh.”

“The second day of our trip was reserved for skiing and there is nothing like snow fun on a sunny day in the Alps.”

“The official lunch was in one of the most famous apres ski restaurants in the world: El Paradiso, managed by the Badrutt’s Palace. If skiing was fashion, El Paradiso would be something like Paris, the capital. We were served with traditional cheese fondue and delicious barbeque with stunning views of the valley.”

“At the venue of the show (which was held secret), we were greeted by a group of ice sculptures all of them sculpted in Moncler, of course.”

“The location of the show was on the outskirts of St. Moritz, in the middle of the forest at 7 PM so it’s only natural to battle cold and ice with some branded mulled wine.”

“And the white Moncler capes were in full use! They weren’t just part of the scenography but also very useful allies in a cold forest. Even though it’s worth saying that even seats were heated, courtesy of the five-star production.”

“It was a star-studded affair in the forest of St. Moritz! While the iconic Kate Moss was front row, the slopes were reserved for an army of supermodels (all one-name legends) such as Vittoria, Mariacarla, Natasha, Mona, Joan, and others. The collection itself was worth standing ovations because it is incredibly hard to reinvent and spice up something so rigid as skiwear. Moncler made it happen.”

“Tradition is part of the brand’s DNA so local musicians were part of the scenery. The folklore element made everything even more genuine.”

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