Simone Rocha’s 4 Moncler is a Garden of Femininity

The latest Moncler Genius collection explores fabrics that bring feminine forms to life.

4 Moncler by Irish designer Simone Rocha is available in stores today.

Rocha is up for Moncler’s newest reiteration of collaborations as she emulates a garden in full bloom by tapping into the world of gardening for her stylized collection. Her sensitive and literary approach allowed her to reimagine the Moncler pieces through the lens of contemporary femininity.

Using ultra lightweight nylon, dolmia, taffeta, PVC, and tulle, Rocha brought form to airy silhouettes adorned with floral prints and embroideries. Her designs converge decoration with functionality, and showcase Rocha’s signature style in balancing silhouettes with hand-embellishments to evoke a feminine flair. Rocha’s interest in contrasts is seen through this collection’s textures. Coats are sheathed in embroidered, semi-transparent vinyl layers, and nylon outerwear is layered over tulle skirts.

Moncler’s cult item, the Longue Saison duvet, is explored within this framework. Accessories like sunglasses, hats, boots, and gloves complement these reinterpreted classics to further cement the collection’s garden theme in an unconventional manner.

Simone Rocha’s collection is number four of the eight chapter Moncler Genius Project. While each creative explores their own individuality, the fragmented products combine to form a whole under the unified brand of Moncler.


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