Simple Tees for the Stylish Man

From plain basics, to sleek graphics, here are some must have simple tees.

It is officially t-shirt weather. With temperatures rising and the sun blazing, let your arms be free. When it comes to t-shirts, you can’t go wrong with a simple option. Whether it’s a plain option or one with a minimalistic design, tees are the perfect top to throw on with any pants. They look great with jeans or shorts for a casual look but can be dressed up with trousers as well. To make sure your closet is prepped for summer, here are some must-have simple tees. 

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Black Zebra T-Shirt by PS By Paul Smith

When it comes to a simple tee, you can never go wrong with a black option. Black is a color that goes with absolutely anything and is easy to style. The Black Zebra T-Shirt by PS By Paul Smith elevates the simple black tee. In the right corner of the tee, there’s an embroidered rainbow zebra. A signature motif to the brand, the zebra adds a pop of color and fun detail. If you’re looking for a tee that’s not too plain, but not over the top, this is the perfect option for you.

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Off White Classic Brenton Striped T-Shirt by Sunspel

A striped tee is a closet essential. Whether you’re walking the cobblestone streets of Paris or running errands in a small Midwestern town, the striped tee is perfect for any occasion. Sunspel brings the perfect striped tee to the playing field with the Off White Classic Brenton Striped T-Shirt. Made from a cotton jersey, this tee is comfortable and breathable. The combination of off-white and black stripes makes this tee high fashion and not a play on a mime’s costume. Pair with black jeans for a casual look, or black trousers and loafers for a more sophisticated outfit.

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Paris Logo Cotton T-Shirt by Balenciaga 

When it comes to simple tees, a basic logo is a perfect way to add some style but keep it basic. If there’s one take on this tee that’ll never go out of style it’s city tees. Balenciaga turns tacky touristy to high fashion with the Paris Logo Cotton T-Shirt. Coming in a beautiful forest green color, this tee is the perfect choice for when you want something more than a plain look. The white “Paris” and “Balenciaga” create a break in the color, adding dimension and class. This tee is a perfect streetwear staple that can be worn with any pants for a fashion-forward outfit.

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Lyocell and Cotton-Blend Jersey T-Shirt by Tom Ford 

When it comes to simple tees, black and white options are normally the first to come to mind. But what about those of us who want a bit of color in our closets? Tom Ford has got it covered with the Lyocell and Cotton-Blend Jersey T-Shirt. The lyocell and cotton blend jersey mix create a comfortable, breathable, and soft fabric that feels lovely on the skin. The pale yellow color is understated, yet the perfect way to add color to any outfit. The tone of this yellow would pair perfectly with freshly suntanned skin and a cream pair of linens for the perfect beach-ready outfit. 

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Black Printed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt by Rhude

Simple tees don’t always have to be plain. Rhude achieves a simple and graphic look with the Black Printed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt. Featuring a small design on the front and a big design on the back, this tee is anything but plain. On the front, a mountain range sits atop an “R”. On the back, the same mountain range is seen sitting atop the brand’s logo. This design is simple due to its muted black, teal, and white colorway. It blends perfectly with the tee, creating a simple, yet interesting look.

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Image Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

LV Termo Print Tee by Louis Vuitton

Another brand that perfects simple graphic tees is Louis Vuitton. The LV Termo Print Tee is the perfect tee for when you want to show off a designer name in a cool way. The black tee features an “L Vuitton” futuristic graphic on the front. The blue graphic adds a pop of color, and the design of the graphic elevates this tee from basic to a streetwear staple. On the back of the tee “Louis Vuitton 2054” is printed underneath the neck in a wavy, techno font. The element of this tee that makes this so unique is that the graphics are heat sensitive. As the shirt reaches a temperature over 73 degrees Fahrenheit, the graphics turn blue. This tee can be both a basic staple or a graphic option depending on the weather. 

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Image Courtesy of Gucci

Adidas x Gucci Trefoil Print T-Shirt by Adidas x Gucci

The Adidas x Gucci Trefoil Print T-Shirt pushes the boundaries of over-the-top and basic. Coming in a neon blue, this shirt is not for those who are not a fan of color. However, the white trefoil logo and white three-stripe paneling along the sleeves, tone down the brightness of the blue. Although the color is a bit loud, this tee is still a great closet staple. It can be used to dress up a monochromatic outfit or tie in with any colorful look. 

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Diag Tab Slim S/S Tee by Off-White 

Finishing off the list is the Diag Tab Slim S/S Tee from Off-White. Coming in a light gray, this tee is a must-have closet essential. This shirt looks plain at first, but once you stare at it for a while you’ll notice the subtle graphics. On the right side of the chest, there’s a tiny gray embossed Off-White logo. The color blends in with the shirt, making it hidden, yet adding a sleek detail. On the back the Off-White stripes are embossed in the same gray, creating the same effect as the logo. This shirt is the perfect option for when you want to keep it basic, but with a little flair. 

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