Simpson Celebrities and the Artist Making it Happen

Danyal Limbada illustrates celebrities on the set of the Simpsons.

A new artist is turning heads on Instagram as his artwork is being reposted by some famous names. Danyal Limbada is the genius and name behind the clever Simpson aesthetic and celebrity inspired illustrations. Check out this interview and a few of Limbada’s featured posts from Instagram.

V MAN: Where and when did you learn to illustrate? 

Danyal Limbada: When I was in school, I would always get a passion for producing funny cartoons. You know I actually used to say, “before you want to learn how to draw, you have to learn to see.” This was the best way to learn about the creativity behind the drawing. At home, I would always watch artists and cartoonists — they inspired much of what I do now.

V: How do you make your illustrations? 

DL: First, I plan out how it will look at the end. It occurs in the brain, not the hand. Making a good illustration is about passion, the joy of drawing, and developing some dope ideas… to the right figure at the right time. I clarify complex details or convey the meaning of emotion of the accompanying line (text) at a glance.

V: What is your relationship with the Simpsons? 

DL: The first time I watched the Simpson was 10 years old. When watching the Simpsons, it’s like watching a real-life family. This is my inspiration. The Simpsons is a classic and funny cartoon to me and others around the world. That’s why everybody wants it to receive the Simpson Treatment. It is very popular and people are obsessed with the interesting lifestyle of the Simpsons.

V: How do you choose the people you draw? 

DL: I choose the people who will help me to achieve my dream and also reach a big audience for my drawings. 

V: Which of your illustrations is your favorite? 

DL: My favorite illustration is Justin Bieber. He reposted my Simpson drawing on his Instagram and after that, it went viral with almost 3 million likes. Also, my Billie Eilish illustration is a favorite, it received a like from Eilish on Instagram as well. The post itself reached about 13k likes…it’s crazy to see so many people get in touch with me through this exposure. These two are my favorite right now and I hope some more famous actresses or singers reach out to get the Simpson treatment. Thank you to everyone for the support!

Justin Bieber
Dj Snake
Billie Eilish
Charlotte Lawrence
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