Sky Ferreira Debuted Her Latest Single at Pitchfork

Ferreira performs new track “Descending” at Chicago’s Pitchfork Music festival.

Sky Ferreira shocked fans and music aficionados alike when she released her first single in six years this past March. Apparently, she’s on a roll: the former model-turned-pop star had promised new music would follow, and she debuted the track “Descending” at Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival this past weekend. However, according to attendees, there were some technical issues, and Ferreira was forced to restart the track several times.

Ferreira took to Twitter and said, “my sound didn’t work (AT ALL) the entire time not because I fell short/didn’t try hard enough. I unfortunately didn’t get to play some of my songs & nothing went as planned.”  Ferreira continued, “I would personally like to do something for the people who specifically came for the set or traveled. LMK. I’m aware how long some of you waited for a live show. I feel awful about not being able to properly give the performance you came/paid for etc.”

Ferreira first released music back in 2011 with EP As If!. Since then, the V cover star and runway regular has faced a series of setbacks. Ferreira has spoken publicly about her battles with her record label, the fight for control over her SoundCloud account, and ‘that incident’ with Zachary Cole Smith.

Despite all of this, Ferreira’s breakthrough album Night Time, My Time was a big success. It gave us the lead single, “You’re Not the One”, with a music video inspired by David Bowie’s 1983 movie The Hunger. The official album cover for “Night Time, My Time” was banned in most countries because it shows Sky topless in the shower.

In March, Ferreira teased fans hard with “Downhill Lullaby”, her first new song in six years. She announced that she is working on a follow up album, Masochism, which is set for release later this year. It’s expected to be another moody synth-pop record with strong visuals. An official release date has yet to be given, but with Ferreira promoting her new song “Descending”, it’s likely imminent.

You can revisit the video for the neon-pop hit “You’re Not the One” by Sky Ferreira below.

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