Sky Ferreira: "I'm Not A Thinkpiece"

Sky Ferreira: "I'm Not A Thinkpiece"

The singer fights back against sexist article and objectification in the music industry

The singer fights back against sexist article and objectification in the music industry

Text: Gabriella Salkin

Last Friday, L.A. Weekly ran an article about V girl Sky Ferreira that quickly had the Internet up in arms to defend the singer—and with good reason. The article, meant to analyze the image and sexuality of the young pop star, was an exercise in objectification, even going so far as to compare the singer to a “turbo-charged Italian sports car.” Today, Ferreira finally responded to the story.

Ferreira's studio album "Night Time, My Time"

In his article, writer Art Tavana argued that Ferreira resembles a “dirtier Madonna” on her album cover for Night Time, My Time, with a similar jawline, her dramatic brow, mystifying green eyes, bleached blonde hair compliment, and most notably, “her killer tits.” In this lengthy article, Ferreira’s accomplishments are undermined and overshadowed by her “offensively cool” image. At one point, Tavana does note that Ferreira is “more than just a sex symbol”—saying that Ferreira, “sweet like a freshly licked lollipop,” not only shares a similar cup size with Madonna, but also similar vocals: “She's been singing semi-professionally since she was 14, and she's got talent." He even mentions her Madonna-inspired V shoot, claiming America has widely established the indie-pop star looks like The Material Girl.

Photographed by Mario Testino, styled by Andrew Richardson

Though she admits that at first she did not want to give the writer the satisfaction of a response, Ferreira finally took to Twitter to acknowledge that she's "more than just [her] 'sex appeal' or [her] 'knockers'" and she's "not ashamed of either of those things." She looks beyond what has been written about her and says, "The people who understand me as an artist & my work is what I care about." Read the rest of her Tweets below.

Ferreira is a talented musician who writes her own songs, released a critically acclaimed album, opened for Miley Cyrus on her “Bangerz” tour, and will be starring in the highly anticipated reboot of Twin Peaks. While she is undeniably attractive, these accomplishments deserve a higher recognition than her “faux-blond hair” and a comparison to Madonna.

Thankfully, L.A. Weekly has since apologized for its article, acknowledging that it “crossed the line.”


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