Slate Studios Delivers Visual Creativity for a Visual World

It’s always about location, location, location.

Since 2015, Long Island City-based Slate Studios has been pulling out all the stops to deliver high quality visual content for luxury fashion and lifestyle brands. In a world that’s become increasingly focused on using visual cues and images to create a brand identity, the full-service production studio helps provide a sophisticated and versatile image that helps fulfil the brand’s vision.

VMAN – Danny Lim

Slate provides two studios available for rent, each with several state of the art facilities and equipment, to get the creative juices flowing. The studio offers photo production capabilities, social media content, and post-production/retouching. “Produced, shot, and delivered,” as they say. There’s even a cafe on site, for all your client meetings and sudden coffee pangs.

Main CYC Studio

Several major brands have worked with Slate in the past, including DKNY, Estée Lauder, Sies Marjan, Nars, Cartier, and more. V has worked with Slate in the past as well, having shot Dominique Jackson there for our previous interview with her and working with Danny Lim there for VMAN.

V – Dominique Jackson
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