Slick Woods Designs First Pair of Sneakers

The Kanye-backed model teamed up with French label The Kooples.

Slick Woods, the model who literally went into labor just after walking Rihanna’s Fenty runway, wants you to spend a day in her shoes. Really.

At just 22-years-old, the viral phenomenon and fashion polymath teamed up with The Kooples to create her own sneakers. Previous brand collaborators, like Stella Maxwell and Emily Ratajkowski, opted for handbags, making the sneaker unique in its own right.

The shoes themselves “[embrace] the idea of going fast!” They also embrace the much sought-after sock-sneaker look of today, with an added velcro strap and lace-up.

Slick (real name Simone Marie Thompson), originally from LA, told Vogue UK that she’s “been designing ever since [she’s] been dreaming.” It’s a plus that she’s putting her creative energy into sneakers, which is traditionally a male-dominated market.

You can cop a pair here.

Photo via Vogue UK
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