Snoh Aalegra’s New Track & Video for “DYING 4 YOUR LOVE”

Watch the singer-songwriter dazzle in diamond jumpsuits in an intergalactic music video for her latest single.

Snoh Aalegra, the Iranian-Swedish singer-songwriter who has a voice packed with soul, released a track on Friday crowned “DYING 4 YOUR LOVE”. Accompanying Aaelgra’s newest single is it’s music video, which sees the artist as an intergalactic gal missing an old fling.

Prior to “DYING 4 YOUR LOVE”, Snoh Aalegra’s 2019 album -Ugh, those feels again landed at #1 on iTunes’ R&B charts, but Aalegra’s name and music started gaining momentum way back in 2017 with her debut album FEELS. Her acclaim is rightfully so, having had Prince as a mentor for the last two years of his life along with her boastful list of influences—Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston. What’s more is Aalegra’s record of collaborators, including artists and producers like Common, Pharrell Williams, John Mayer, Drake, RZA, and Vince Staples.

As fans stay tuned for her next album, listen to Snoh Aalegra’s newest track down below for a glance at what there may be more of from her in the future.


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