Snow Xue Gao SS22 Presentation Brings You a Dream of Peony

A contemporary take on Chinese traditional “king of flowers”

Floral prints have been trending for a while. Snow Xue Gao’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection features a flower blossom, but the designer’s particular pick on the peony is her tribute to her heritage and family. Spending a lot of time losing herself in her grandmother’s garden and painting traditional Chinese Gongbi art, the designer transforms her childhood memories into the collection.

A heavily popular flower that is often associated with royalty and the elite throughout Chinese history, the peony symbolizes prosperity and happiness. But in Snow Xue Gao’s design, the peony is much more laidback. Combined with her expressive offerings like bias cuts and A-line silhouettes, Snow Xue Gao wishes to bring the flower’s symbolic meanings to life while giving it a more contemporary look. 

Asymmetrical and deconstructed designs complete the collection’s relaxed yet tailored aesthetic. The unique Spring/Summer designs utilize both houndstooth and plaid in the suiting pattern as well as a combination of painted floral designs. Color-blocking and charmeuse patterns are heavily prominent in this season’s presentation.

Using a combination of jewelry and modern paintings, Snow Xue Gao displayed her affinity for the arts through her collaboration with two Asian artists based in New York. The presentation was demonstratively creative: while free-style piano performance sought to paint a picture of Snow Xue Gao’s childhood, the visual set-up of the presentation helped facilitate the design process to create a more dynamic and memorable experience.


Watch the presentation here:

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