Snowpiercer Surges Toward A Second Season

“Every revolution begins as a seed.”

Sci-fi has long depicted humanity hurtling towards a bleak and harrowing end, perhaps none more claustrophobic than the story of “Snowpiercer.” The last vestiges of our society are stuck together in a perpetually moving train, one that protects them from the cold, icy landscape outside. Strict class hierarchies stoke the fires of revolution. Where limited resources end, violence begins.

“Snowpiercer” the TV series is based on a 1982 French graphic novel titled “Le Transperceneige,” by Jacques Lob, and Bong Joon-ho’s 2013 film, also called “Snowpiercer.” The TV show launched in May of this year on TNT and already has a second season set to premiere in Jan. 2021.

Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connelly star in the production, although the upcoming season brings a new set of faces to the train. Sean Bean joins the cast as Mr. Wilford, the architect of the mobile society. Over the course of the previous season, Layton, Diggs character, struggled to enact a democracy with the other passengers. In the trailer for season 2, Mr. Wilford enters ready to “right the reprehensible wrong that has befallen [their] great, eternal engine.”

The trailer ends with the two men facing each other at last. We can only assume that life-threatening conflict will ensue. Watch the new teaser below.

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