Sofi Tukker Talks Going ‘Batshit’

Sofi Tukker Talks Going ‘Batshit’

The fun-loving, genre-bending duo opens up about personal mantras and launching their own record label.

The fun-loving, genre-bending duo opens up about personal mantras and launching their own record label.

Text: Cara Hessels

When it comes to making music, New York-based dream team Sofi Tukker follow several mantras, including “make what we love” and “Fuck They.” In other words, they’ll follow their gut and fuck what you think. It’s this type of no-holds-barred commitment to individuality and self love that translates to infectious dance tracks such as “Best Friend”, “Batshit”, and “Drinkee”.

With a Grammy nomination, an Apple commercial, sold out shows and countless festival appearances on the horizon, one thing is clear: these two pour blood, sweat, and glitter into their ever-evolving sound, and this is just the beginning. We caught up with the pair as they prepare for California’s Lightning In A Bottle Festival to talk new music, dream collaborations, and what’s next for the dynamic duo.

You've said in recent interviews that Tucker is himself 'Batshit Crazy' -- how would you define that?

Sophie: He is just a nut. Spend a day with him and I think you'll know what I mean. It’s hard to explain, but he’s fun and very alive... lots of penis jokes.

Do you have a particular mantra as a duo that you like to live by?

Sophie: A couple of our mantras include:

“Fuck They”

“Let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.”

“Do we both love it?”

“Make what we love.”

If you had to describe your fashion style in two words, what would it be?

Tucker: Batshit Crazy (going for the world record of most conflicting patterns).

Sophie: Ethereal athletic.

Have you found it hard to stay true to yourselves in the music industry?

Sophie: We have actually found that we are becoming more and more ourselves, feeling more free than ever to express every part of ourselves. We work with incredible people that all lift each other up and encourage each other to both stay true to ourselves and push the boundaries of who we are!

Love that. With plenty of sold out shows on the horizon, what would you say makes your fans so special?

Sophie: We love the people who come to our shows so much. It tends to be a really open, exuberant crowd. Lots of glitter. Lots of smiles. And lots of sweat.

What do you know -- those are three of my favorite things! So, with a Grammy nom and an Apple commercial under your belt, what would you say is on your bucket list at this point in time, professionally or personally?

Sophie: To continue enjoying it all so much! No matter what accolades we do or don't get, we want to keep loving what we are doing and keep the spirit of playfulness and wonder and excitement! I don't think this will be hard. We really love it.

How would you say your sound has evolved over the years?

Sophie: It continues to evolve in ways that surprise us. We have gone on all different kinds of tangents, discovering more musical worlds and trying out different sounds that inspire us. We get really inspired when we go to new places and meet new people and we have been introduced to so much cool stuff, our world continues to be blown open in the best way.

Who is an up-and-coming artist/act that you admire right now?

Sophie: LP Giobbi and Rokky. They are two of our favorite artists and we feel really lucky to be friends with them and work with them. We are starting a record label called Animal Talk and putting their music out -- coming very soon! So hyped! Seriously, insane music.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

Sofi Tukker - Treehouse, not kidding! We made these songs more than a year ago and it’s been really fun listening to it and revisiting it as an entire album!

Dream collaboration?

Sophie and Tucker: Stromae & Die Antwoord

Dream venue?

Sophie: In the middle of a rainforest rave. (Do these exist? If so, can we come?)

Maybe you two should start your own! How about favorite song to perform?

Sophie: Depends on the night! Honestly we love them all. But in D.C. we love to yell “Greed” :)

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received regarding your career?

Sophie: Make music you love, not music you think other people will love.

In turn, what advice would you give to someone trying to make a career in dance music?

Sophie: Same thing!

What's your vision for the music industry in 2018 and beyond?

Who knows! There is so much space for so many new artists and people to experiment. Hopefully the borders of genres and cultures continue to blur more and more.

Any other fun projects on the horizon you'd like to share?

Yes! We are touring the world this year, going all over with our new show! And we are about to launch Animal Talk, our label that we are launching with LP Giobbi and Rokky and more! We are happily so busy and can't wait to dance with new friends all over.

Credits: Images courtesy of Sofi Tukker.


Pop-Ed: Violet Chachki