For many in the film industry, travel is crucial. And with that comes just-as-crucial travel outfits, with pieces that are comfy enough yet ready for a quick transition. With this in mind, Scottish cashmere brand Barrie is partnering with Oscar-winning director Sofia Coppola on a capsule collection ready for any such occasion—be it work, travel, or leisure.

Sofia Coppola | Photographed by Margaret Qualley (Courtesy of Barrie)

The collection is being spearheaded by Barrie creative director Augustin Dol-Maillot and is based on Coppola’s own unique style, as Dol-Maillot shares, “I have always considered Sofia’s elegance to have that special touch which makes it relaxed and comfortable, yet so stylish. To me, this is exactly what the Barrie DNA is made of, and this collaboration is the dream opportunity to embody that.”

Using small details to transform cozy and simple silhouettes into desirable and timeless pieces, the outcome is comfy-cashmere knitwear with features that will have heads turning in both the airport and the office.

Sofia Coppola | Photographed by Margaret Qualley (Courtesy of Barrie)

Coppola, whose extensive filmography includes Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette, and The Virgin Suicides, is most recently working on the upcoming film Priscilla starring Cailee Spailey and Jacob Elordi—based on the memoir Elvis and Me by Priscilla Beaulieu Presley. Her debut novel around her work in film, Archive, is set to release in September.

“Their pieces are really timeless, easy, with beautiful details,” shares Coppola. “It was so fun to work with Augustin and the Barrie team and imagine my dream pieces: the idea of a travel wardrobe that works together, that is cozy and chic.”

Barrie x Sofia Coppola launches in early November and will be found on, in Barrie boutiques, and in select retailers worldwide.

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