Soko Stuns With New Single and Music Video

Soko is back! Hear her latest single “Being Sad Is Not A Crime” and watch the impactful video for it.

Los Angeles based, French-artist Soko returns with a new single, “Being Sad Is Not A Crime,” off her third studio album due this spring. The anticipated album is in the hands of not just Soko, but producer Patrick Wimberly, whose work includes Solange and MGMT, and sound mixer Chris Coady who’s known for his work with Beach House and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. 

Soko’s video for “Being Sad Is Not A Crime” was filmed at the iconic, monumental Bob Baker Marionette Theater in Los Angeles. In the video, directed by Gilbert Trejo, who’s previously worked with Diiv and the Pixies, Soko explores the complications and beauty of being both a mother and an artist. With overwhelming societal pressure on mothers to maintain a happy face at all times yet not enough support systems for them to do so, Soko dives headfirst into these notions using a dystopian future. 

“It was an important video for me: tackling the struggles between having to keep working feeling like a puppet, but also just wanting to be a mum and take a break for a second,” Soko said of the video, which features her baby Indigo Blue.

Listen to “Being Sad Is Not A Crime” here, then head below to watch the video. Soko’s forthcoming album comes this spring via Because/Babycat Records. 

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