Sonos Introduces Lightest and Most Affordable Speaker Yet

At just .95 pounds and $169, the Sonos Roam Ultra-Portable Smart Speaker has arrived.

Sonos is known for offering at-home listening services, but now, the brand is hitting the road. The new Sonos Roam Ultra-Portable Smart Speaker is designed for listening on the go. It still works well at home, where it connects to WiFi, but when you head out the door, the speaker transitions to Bluetooth. Regardless of where you listen, the Sonos Roam is compatible with more than 100 streaming services.

It’s also weather-resistant, meaning that you can take it on your outdoor adventures and it won’t waver under wet or dusty conditions. It’s the most portable Sonos speaker yet, weighing only .95 pounds – much smaller than the Sonos Move, released in 2019. Most importantly, it sounds great, with two class-H amplifiers to deliver the full sound that you’d expect from a much larger speaker.

The Sonos Roam uses Sonos Trueplay technology, which measures how sound reflects off of walls and other surfaces in a space, then fine-tunes the speaker to sound great wherever you’ve placed it. The sleek design of the Sonos Roam allows you to position it either vertically or on its longer sides. To top it off, the Sonos Roam features voice control and AirPlay, as well as ten hours of battery life.

Preorder the Sonos Roam Ultra-Portable Smart Speaker for $169 here. The speaker is available in both matte black and matte white, and the official release date is April 20.

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